Hi, I am Kaitlin. I am from Hong Kong, where I draw, write, make zines and organize exhibitions and programs. I curate 酷兒 books at Queer Reads Library, profile cultural workers for Still / Loud and draw art history cartoons In Other Words. I am an assistant curator at Asia Society Hong Kong Center where I co-curated A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun (2019), and worked on the debut presentations of James Turrell and Robert Indiana in Hong Kong. In 2017, I graduated with honors from Wesleyan University with a BA in Studio Art and East Asian Studies, where I mounted a drawing exhibition about strangers called Pedestrian. I love comics, Taiwan New Wave, text-based art, and my dog. Write to me here.

Selected clients:
Asia Art Archive in America
The Vera List Center for Art and Politics
Wesleyan's College of East Asian Studies
The Center for Prison Education
Sotheby’s / Art Agency, Partners
Museum 2050

daikon* zine
Asian American Writers' Workshop's Transpacific Literary Project
Kodachrome magazine

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